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International Workshop on Carbon markets in Emerging Economies

International Workshop on Carbon markets in Emerging Economies

22 November 2010

University of São Paulo, Brazil

Co-sponsored by:

· Institute for Advanced Studies, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

· Office of International Programs, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

· US National Science Foundation


International climate policy is increasingly favoring the use of emissions trading systems to reduce the emissions that lead to climate change. The world’s largest and most rapidly developing economies—including Brazil, India, South Korea, and China—are therefore likely to experience increasing carbon prices via expansion of domestic and international greenhouse gas markets. Yet this rapid change remains largely unstudied in the emerging economies, with little systematic investigation of the process by which firms enter and participate in carbon markets in different country or sectoral contexts. This workshop seeks to examine this process in greater detail in the Brazilian context, and invites scholars, students, and practitioners with an interest in business response to carbon markets.

The workshop has two goals: First, to advance scholarship and understanding in areas of business investment decisions under international carbon markets in emerging economies; and second, to enhance the international network of scholars, researchers, and practitioners. Please note that English will be the official language for the conference.


08.30 Registration

09.00 Welcome

Profs. Nathan Hultman, Simone Pulver, and Sergio Pacca

09.10 Opening Keynote

Prof Gylvan Filho, Institute for Advanced Study, Universidade de São Paulo (Confirmed)

10:00 Panel 1 CDM in Brazil (3 x 15 minutes each + comment).

The first panel focuses on CDM experiences in Brazil, drawing from diverse perspectives.

· Panelists

o Prof José Roberto Moreira, MGM (TBC)

o Prof Lars Friberg, Swedish Embassy, Washington DC (Confirmed)

o Ms Branca Bastos Americano, Secretary of Global Climate, Ministrry of Environment (TBC)

· Moderator: Prof Sergio Pacca

· Dr José Migues, (Invited), General Coordinator on Global Climate Change, Ministry of Science & Technology

11:15 Coffee

11:30 Panel 2: Business perspectives on carbon markets in Brazil

This panel assembles experts from different industries and the carbon markets in Brazil.

· Panelists

o Mr Celso Zannato – CrystalSev (TBC)

o Ms Patricia Montenegro – Votorantim Cimentos (TBC)

o Prof Nathan Hultman

o Mr Bunge – ATA (TBC)

· Moderator: TBD

· Commentator: Mr Marco Antonio Fujihara – Key Associados (Confirmed)

13:00 Lunch for participants

· High level speaker

o Ms Christiana Figueres (Costa Rica), Executive Secretary of UNFCCC (TBC)

14:00 Panel 3: CDM experiences in other countries and implications for Brazil

This panel investigates similarities and differences in other countries

· Panelists

o Prof. Simone Pulver (topic: India)

o Dr. John Cole (China/Brazil) TBC

o Mr John Kilani (Germany). Representative from Climate Change Secretariat tasked with CDM, TBC

o Pedro

15:30 Coffee

16:00 Panel 4: Reforming the CDM at the international level

This panel discusses new approaches to reforming the project based system and also prospects for different approaches such as sectoral CDM.

· Panelists

o Prof. Jose Goldemberg, Universidade de São Paulo

o Prof. Emilio la Rovere, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (TBC)

o Ms Thelma Krug, INPE

· Moderator: Prof Nathan Hultman

· Commentator: (TBC)

17:30 Concluding Remarks

19:00 Dinner for speakers and steering committee

Steering Committee

Prof. Nathan Hultman

School of Public Policy

University of Maryland USA

Prof. Simone Pulver

Department of Environmental Studies

University of Califórnia, Santa Barbara USA

Prof. Adnei Melges de Andrade

Office of International Programs

Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Prof. Sergio Pacca

School of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities

Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

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